Viva Água Movement

The Viva Água Movement, released in 2019, brings together actors from different sectors to work with water safety and adapt to climate change in a region based on nature conservation, also promoting quality of life and social and economic development.


Viva Água is based on the concepts of solutions based on nature and entrepreneurship with a social and environmental impact. This means acting based on solutions that consider:

The protection

Restoration and/or sustainable management of natural ecosystems (such as forests, natural fields and wetlands, for example).

Everything to solve some of society’s challenges in an effective and versatile way, generating benefits for human well-being and biodiversity.

Such strategies can be incorporated into the business vision and social entrepreneurship, through business models that generate a positive impact on the environment and society, with financial sustainability.

For this reason, four main commitments have been defined:

The Nature Preservation

Water safety

Adaptation to climate change

Sustainable entrepreneurship