Tourism in natural areas

Grupo Boticário Foundation believes that tourism in natural areas helps to promote the socioeconomic development of the region.

Besides, the contact with these areas is essential for people’s quality of life. However, for the tourist experience to be complete, it is essential that tourist destinations are prepared with the minimum necessary infrastructure, and that the visitor’s attitude is also conscious.

For this reason, the Foundation has been developing strategies to enhance the allocation of public or private resources for tourism in Conservation Units, articulating with the Government for the regulation and/or implementation of tourism in UC and Natural Areas.

Thus, it obtains financial support in projects that are directly linked to the theme and carries out awareness campaigns with society. We believe that natural remnants in good condition (they can be large or small, such as RPPNs that can be smaller and yet highly relevant from the point of view of biodiversity), represent a unique opportunity to boost the local and regional economy.

However, it is necessary that the environment is adequate to receive the visitor and that he is responsible in his attitudes, so that natural areas can continue exercising their functions.