The “Futuro da Beleza” and the New Normal

The crisis caused by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) gave an even greater focus to the theme of Innovation within the Grupo Boticário.

GB innovation is not only seen as a way of survival, but as a search for competitiveness and permanent reinvention.

During this period, new consumption habits emerged and, therefore, we identified the need to revisit the “Futuro da Beleza” in order to better meet these changes. In an agile and purposeful way, we understand:

Our consumer behavior

The new rituals of beauty and well-being

The strategic vision behind this change

The opportunities and threats related to the beauty ecosystem and how these themes speak to each of the territories

At each stage, we are concerned with promoting collaboration between the entire production chain, in order to disseminate the content and foster the internal process of product development, marketing and communication in times of pandemic.