Sustainable materials

To complement Ecodesign, we also have Sustainable Materials that help us in nature conservation.

Check out the sources from which Grupo Boticário uses its packaging materials:


Recycled plastic
We use several recycled plastics obtained from waste:

PE (Polyethylene, normally used in sachets, bottles and tubes)

PET (normally used in bottles)

PP (polypropylene)

Surlyn (usually used in lids)

A few examples:
Nativa SPA Verbena moisturizing lotion: this line has in its packaging 30% PET PCR in the bottles. For using this type of material, we incorporate, annually, the equivalent of more than 40 thousand 2-liter soda bottles that, if stacked, would have the height of 370 statues of Christ the Redeemer.

Recycled Paper
We have preferably opted for the use of recycled paper obtained from waste for our cartridges, in addition to guaranteeing the source of extraction of the raw material in the percentage coming from virgin material by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

A few examples:
The cartridges of the Father’s Day 2021 kits: were produced with waste paper from Grupo Boticário‘s factories. We concluded the cycle of our residues, reusing them for the production of new kits, we stopped buying 16 tons of paper to reincorporate the residues from the factory, producing the new cartridges.

Holiday Dates Tape
Use of tape with 50% recycled PET: with the use of 50% recycled PET, we managed to avoid the disposal of approximately 420,000 PET bottles.

Recycled Surlyn

Floratta release with the use of Surlyn PCR: from the recycling of collection caps from our factories and GB reverse logistics programs. We reincorporated about 3 tonnes of recycled material, leaving 3 tonnes of virgin Surlyn unused. We had a reservation of BRL $ 250 thousand for developing the process that enables the recycling of the material as a result. Footprint reduction of 10% compared to the virgin Surlyn process.

Recycled glass
We prefer to use recycled glass obtained from waste for our packaging.

A few examples:

Malbec Club: in the glass production, using 20% of shards (waste from glass production), 50% of raw materials and chemical elements and 30% of PCR glass (recycled). When considering the total Malbec Club packaging, it is concluded that 180 tons of glass are reused each year, which is equivalent to more than 700 thousand bottles of Malbec.

Botik Line: Botik serums and creams use amber glass bottles made with recycled material, generating savings of 23 tons of glass per year.


Vegetable plastic
Plastic that comes from sugar cane and not from oil. That is, a renewable source.