Special care for different audiences

Although fragrances are governed by regulations and their safety levels have been studied and established, our requirements regarding the development of fragrances are different for certain audiences such as:

Infant (babies)

Children and youth

Products for pregnant women

People with sensitive skin

Products with hypoallergenic attribute

In these cases, we further restrict the use of permitted allergens and sensitizers, ensuring extra care.

Allergy, Irritation and Intolerance: listen to the podcast with dermatologist Dr. Monique Souza

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Skin reactions resulting from exposure to an external agent (such as the ingredients contained in products) are called contact dermatitis.
The reactions caused by cosmetics can be diagnosed as:

Irritant contact dermatitis: It is the most common. It is characterized by causing damage to the skin immediately after contact with the offending agent, causing an inflammatory reaction with signs of redness, itching, burning sensation, etc.
The skin of atopic individuals is more likely to have this type of dermatitis. There is no immune mechanism involved.

Allergic contact dermatitis: It is the least common and does not depend on the irritating action of the product on the skin, but on the individual’s predisposition.
The process is not triggered at the first contact with the product, there is an allergic sensitization. Only in the next exhibitions will there be an immune response against antigens of certain substances.

Why are they questioned? All this because cosmetic products can sometimes cause allergic reactions, especially what is known as irritant contact dermatitis. These reactions are rare, and usually completely reversible when the use of the product is stopped.