Safe for corals

Another concern of Grupo Boticário is with the impact of sunscreens.

The constant climate changes, pollution and other environmental impacts in the past 20 years are compromising the health of coral reefs in the world, which in turn affect the health of the oceans.
It is estimated that up to 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen are taken to coral reefs around the world each year.

Some of its ingredients are being questioned in the scientific community for causing coral bleaching – a condition that leaves them vulnerable and prevents them from obtaining the nutrients necessary to survive.

Despite the controversy regarding the ingredients, little has been scientifically confirmed whether the coral bleaching process is correlated with these substances or with sunscreens.

Concerned with this whole situation and seeking even more sustainable products the GB’s R&D team developed, in partnership with an Ecotoxicology laboratory located in France, a pioneering and innovative

methodology that ensures that the complete formulation of the sunscreen does not whiten or harm corals, thus protecting the marine ecosystem.

Looking at the environmental impact of formulas and ingredients is a new approach to sustainability for the cosmetics sector and its consumers.

With the growing movement in search of more sustainable products, questions from consumers, media and society in general, it is essential that companies are transparent and take a stand on their practices, bringing even more benefits to the consumer and the planet.