Products with natural ingredients

We are always looking to meet the demands of the market, in which there is a strong need for beauty regimes to align with healthy lifestyles and also with the use of ethical products and natural products.

Grupo Boticário could not be left out, obviously. We decided to communicate our naturalness index in some product lines.

What does that mean?
The percentage or naturalness index of a product is calculated with the aid of a calculator.
This calculator was co-developed with a partner of the Group. Raw materials or part of them of animal, vegetable, biotechnological and mineral origin are included in the calculation.

In this calculation, you can see that there are raw materials of animal origin. However, as we are looking to work with the vegan portfolio, GB is looking to replace the few materials, which are still animals, with those from other sources.

We already have the practice of not using these materials for new developments and future releases.

In a lotion with a naturalness index of 89%, it means that this percentage value of the raw materials that make up this lotion are of animal, vegetable, biotechnological or mineral origin.