Safety throughout the product and for everyone

Beauty is the essence of everything we do. Meeting the desires and needs of our consumers with lesser environmental and social impacts is in our DNA.

It is our role as a company to promote relevant themes for the full development of society, and the control of impacts is one of them.

With this in mind, we created our Policy on the Use of Materials in Packaging and Accessories.

A committee formed by our specialists constantly evaluates the materials used in the manufacture of our packaging and accessories in three dimensions:

human toxicity

environmental impact

social impact

Assesses the risks associated with substances that raise a high concern for human health, such as carcinogens, mutagens or toxics)

Qualifies the environmental risks caused by substances from the extraction, processing, recyclability and/or biodegradability process

Analyzes the social impacts caused by the material production process related to the exploitation of child labor, slavery, etc.

Through these criteria, we make decisions to control use, substitution or even ban the substance. These decisions are published and available for consultation on our Material Block List.
We have also developed scientific research to advance methodologies for controlling ecotoxicity and biodegradability of plastic packaging materials.

Our packaging recycling program is also present in 100% of stores.
There are more than 4 thousand points of sale in 1750 municipalities, generating a volume of waste that benefits 31 cooperatives and more than 1000 collectors of recycled materials.