Our stamps

We have not carried out any type of animal testing since 2000.

An attitude that reinforces our respect for animals and commitment to the most responsible and sustainable practices in the development of our products.
This initiative is recognized by two of the most respected international organizations: PETA and Cruelty Free International. Therefore, in our products and vehicles of communication, you can find indications of stamps of these two entities. Understand the difference:


Who attests to the seal?
• PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals
• Animal rights activist NGO in the United States, founded almost 40 years ago
The seal acts so that the animals are not used as food, clothing, entertainment, or tests. It is best known to American and Latin American consumers.
Grupo Boticário won the seal in 2018, after submitting a self-declaration. We are on the list of companies that do not test on animals.


Who attests to the seal?
• Cruelty Free International
• London-based NGO, has a strong presence in Europe, founded in the 19th century
They focus their efforts to combat animal testing worldwide. It is a better known label in the European Union, where it acts as a strong advisory body on the subject.
Grupo Boticário won the seal in 2019, after an audit process by it and its direct suppliers, who in turn, independently audited their partners. Every three years, there is a new audit.