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Plastics collected on the coast of São Paulo will guarantee 100% sustainable packaging for new Grupo Boticário products.

GB in partnership with Globalpet and cooperatives on the coast of São Paulo, intend to remove 265 tons/month of plastic waste from the beaches, which will be used to produce thousands of packaging for cosmetics.

Making the industry more sustainable is one of the Group’s missions, which has been looking for alternatives for the production of ecologically responsible plastic packaging.

With this aim, the Seaside project, a front of the Research & Development department, was born.
The project aims to use plastic waste that is improperly disposed of on the beaches, preventing them from entering the oceans and transforming them into new packaging for the Group’s products.

The first phase of the project, in partnership with Globalpet, which buys plastics from cooperatives and collectors on the coast of São Paulo, is expected to collect approximately 265 tons/month of PET plastic that will be processed, transformed into resin and will give rise to packaging of sunscreens and other items in our portfolio.

With a focus on sustainability, Circular Economy, reduction of environmental impact and reduction of social impact, Seaside, via Globalpet, will also benefit 316 families of cooperative workers from seven coastal cities in São Paulo: Guarujá, Itanhaém, Mongaguá, Peruíbe, Praia Grande, Santos and São Vicente.
The high volume of plastic waste that will be collected from São Paulo’s beaches, is already very significant for the protection of the environment in itself.

However, looking to the future of this material, each kilo of resin obtained from the waste collected in PET PCR material can yield 35 new 237 ml bottles. The 125ml packaging per product, on the other hand, can have 55 new vials based on the kilo of resin.

We have a clear purpose, so we always act in a responsible manner.

Here were just a few examples of the most recent awards and recognitions received by Grupo Boticário.
This recognition gives us the strength to continue with our efforts in innovation, seeking the constant evolution of our processes, products and

technologies to, thus, continue to develop the new generation of beauty for our consumers.