Organs On a Chip

It is another project that is under development. The Group is the first to develop this technology in Brazil. Organs On a Chip simulates the behavior of human organs, identifying possible allergic reactions caused by cosmetic products from the skin, thus eliminating tests on humans.

How it works

The chips allow organoids (in vitro structures that mimic human organs) to be permeated by a fluid similar to the bloodstream

This microcirculation simulates what happens in living organisms, significantly increasing the predictive power of the tests

This is a major technological advance, which will benefit from the tests required for the development of new products.

Reference and trust
The technology used for the development of the chip is from the German company TissUse. The development in Brazil will be carried out in partnership with LNBio (National Biosciences Laboratory), a laboratory linked to CNPEM

(National Center for Research in Energy and Materials) and with support from MCTIC (Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications) and the National Network of Alternative Methods to the Use of Animals (RENAMA).