Intellectual Property: publications of scientific articles and patent deposits

Grupo Boticário also takes a very strategic look at the topic of intellectual property.

We encourage publications of scientific articles and patent deposits, aiming to boost and honor technological development, valuing our intellectual capital. We can mention as some examples:


We recently had a patent filed for a film-forming cosmetic makeup kit, present in Grupo Boticário‘s Liptint lipsticks. This composition provides high adhesion and comfort on the lips, ensuring complete resistance to sweat, water, abrasion, meals and kiss-proof.

Wine alcohol: what if we combine the sophistication of wine with the art of perfumery? Through a pioneering patent in Brazil, Grupo Boticário innovated and brought wine alcohol macerated in French oak barrels for Malbec fragrances. Wine alcohol consists of alcohol with a different concept and a unique sensory. This alcohol is a product of grape fermentation, followed by purification by distillation, and is used in one of GB‘s patents in total or partial replacement to conventional ethyl alcohol. Besides this, it has a special feature in that it contains residual substances characteristic of grape fermentation, giving the ethanol a characteristic odor and contributing to a surprising olfactory sensory perception. The wine alcohol use in perfumery allows a differential within the product, bringing exclusivity and enchantment to consumers of the brand and an innovative concept within the perfumery.


We were also honored in 2020 to publish an article entitled “Proteomics reveals that quinoa bioester promotes replenishing efects in epidermal tissue(DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-76325-6) in the international magazine Scientific Reports (Nature Research magazine) in partnership with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and Universidade Positivo.
The publication refers to a study that evaluated the influence of an active ingredient produced by Grupo Boticário, the bioester of quinoa, on the skin.

This study allowed to prove beneficial properties of this active ingredient,
such as:

Ageing prevention

Cell homeostasis

Tissue regeneration

Protection against ultraviolet radiation and oxidative damage

We can already see this compound and its benefits in several products in our portfolio, such as in the Nativa SPA body line.
We published in 2021 in the Journal of Applied Toxicology the scientific article entitled “Integrated approaches to testing and assessment as a tool for the hazard assessment and risk characterization of cosmetic preservatives” (DOI: 10.1002/jat.4156).
This work demonstrates our concern with the use and safety assessment of preservative systems.

Preservative ingredients are often questioned for causing health risks, such as allergies, skin irritations, among others. This work allowed us to characterize the risk assessment of ingredients and define the best options, limiting their concentration, type of product and target audience.
In this way, it allows us to develop even safer products for our consumers.