About us

Grupo Boticário Foundation for Nature Protection

For 30 years, Grupo Boticário has maintained one of the main business institutions for nature conservation in the country.
The Grupo Boticário Foundation for Nature Protection was born from the understanding that balanced nature is essential for the guarantee of life for all living beings.

To fulfill this purpose, it integrates three areas of activity:

Knowing and maintaining natural areas in balance

Engage society on the importance of preserved nature for everyone’s quality of life

Search for innovative solutions

Currently, the Foundation supports an average of a new project every 6 days, totaling more than 1600 initiatives in the country.
In addition, GBF created and maintains two Nature Reserves: one in the Cerrado (Serra do Tombador) and one in the Atlantic Forest (Salto Morato).

Together, they have an area greater than 80 Ibirapuera parks. To learn more click here.