Formulas with less impact on water

Grupo Boticário is very committed and concerned with the environmental impact of its formulation ingredients.

An example of this was when we announced, in 2019, our tool called I.A.R.A.™ – Environmental Risk Assessment Index.

It is a tool that allows calculating the impact on the aquatic environment of rinse products such as shampoos, conditioners and soaps.

The methodology consists of parameterizing data on bioaccumulation, biodegradation and aquatic toxicity through a risk matrix.

A grade is established for each raw material, considering these parameters that are compared and added to a final grade.

Based on this information, the Research and Development team is able to assess the environmental impact of formulas and propose improvements during the development of new rinse products, making them even more sustainable due to a lower impact on water.

GB‘s pioneering spirit with the I.A.R.A.™ methodology and the communication of products with “less impact on water” can cause changes in the sector and generate more conscious forms of consumption.