At Grupo Boticário we work for the greatest possible reduction of packaging waste, always looking for solutions that reduce the environmental impact of products. Learn more about Ecodesign:


Only one material

They are products that had all the packaging components produced with the same material, except the secondary packaging.

As there is no mixing of raw materials during the recycling process, the step of separating the pieces is eliminated (what happens when there is a glass and a plastic component in the same product, or plastic and paper, etc.).

This way, all components can be crushed at once, speeding up the process and reducing the cost of the operation.

A few examples:

Shampoo: with PP blown bottle and PP injection cap, that is, bottle and cap are produced in the same plastic resin.

Paper without plastic lamination: that is, replacement of traditional metallization, which uses a superficial BOPP lamination on paper, with a solution without plastic, thus enabling recycling.

Monomaterial lipstick

Reusable packaging
Cans, rigid boxes, nécessaire or any packaging that can be reused for another purpose.

Easy disassembly
When it is not possible for a package to be made of just one material, it must be at least dismountable. Thus, all different materials can be separated easily for recycling.

Packaging Weight Reduction
Disposable packaging designed with low weight, for the consequent reduction of waste.


Make B Compact Blush: in the new release line in 2018, we increased the amount of packaged product in relation to the amount of packaging. We have reduced the amount of plastic and paper by more than 60% compared to the packaged product.

We reduced the amount of waste in disposable packaging by reusing it, and refilling it with low environmental impact refills.
A few examples:

Aluminum refills in the OUI Eau de Parfum line: the refill is the sustainable and innovative way to fully replenish the content of your Eau de Parfum. In addition to reusing an existing bottle, the refill allows you to reduce the weight of the packaging by 91%, reducing the greenhouse gases involved in transportation.

Refillable makeup cases like the palettes in the Quem disse, Berenice line: Os estojos-refil de acomodação para as sombras estão disponíveis nos formatos para 2, 4 ou 8 cores de sombra. Quando comparados às opções do mercado, o estojo de duas cores, por exemplo, pesa 18% a menos e a embalagem do refil é 4% mais leve (ou seja, é menos material sendo consumido).

Refill for the cushionbaseand Make B compact powder: with the cushion base, we reduce by more than 90% the amount of plastic being dispensed, per year, in the environment. With the new compact powder, the reduction was more than 70%. We reduce more than 25 tons of plastic per year! This is equivalent to more than 60 thousand liters of oil avoided per year.

Moisturizing lotion refill: pouchet sachet packaging has 78% less plastic than bottle + lid packaging of the original format.

Decoration that facilitates recycling
Decoração ou acabamento que beneficie o processo de reciclagem da embalagem.


At Ecodesign, we are also concerned with the environmental impact during the packaging manufacturing process. Our solutions are:

Recyclable label
The bottle labeling process produces a residue (liner) that is not recyclable, but we seek to replace it with a liner made of 100% recyclable PET material in our production.

Sustainable life cycle
Throughout the product’s life cycle, we seek to develop packaging in order to reduce the environmental impact considering all stages of manufacture (LCA methodology).

Packaging design for the reuse of deactivated molds, without the need to build a new one. Greater savings in steel consumption of approximately 1 ton for each packaging format.

Sustainable decoration or finishing
Decoration or finishing of the packaging that reduces the environmental impact in the manufacturing process.


Sustainable and safe solutions

Eliminação de itens da embalagem como:



Sealing or external seal

Thus, we guarantee the reduction of the environmental impact, the safety and the functionality of the packaging.

Intelligent packaging design for transportation

Better use of transport boxes with elaborate packaging design, aiming to guarantee the perfect fit. In this way, we reduced transportation from the factory to the Distribution Center, reducing CO2 emissions on the planet.


In order to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet, we value national partners to supply our packaging.

Learn more about Ecodesign with the Product Design and Sustainability Manager, Bruno Sezerban, and designer Isabela Passarini.

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