Made from sugar cane, as well as alcohol, EcoAlcohol is made from sugarcane bagasse and other biomass residues, which were previously burned or discarded.

This process also guarantees a reduction in the carbon footprint of more than 30% compared to traditional alcohol. The technology for this production was developed by Raizen.

Alternative to fuels in automobiles, EcoAlcohol now has the Grupo Boticário in the cosmetics industry as a pioneer of this practice in Brazil.

We had already announced that the Nativa SPA line from O Boticário would be the first to use EcoAlcohol in its composition in 2019.

Now we extend the commitment to the entire catalog of perfumery products of our brands.

Another environmental advantage obtained with EcoAlcohol is the reduction of the need to plant sugarcane to increase production, having a more efficient use of the land and greater production with the same planted area.

From the year 2021, GB will have 100% of its fragrance lines produced with EcoAlcohol.

As part of the company’s goal of making its production increasingly sustainable, we have been working on technological innovations capable of translating this commitment into our products, with ecologically responsible growth.

All new perfumery items have already included EcoAlcohol in their formulas since January 25th.