It is when the company invites agents external to the organization to work together on a previously identified problem.

This collaboration can be done through several tools that promote the exchange of ideas between the participants.

Some of the models adopted by Grupo Boticário are:

Challenges and Hackathons, which promote individual or group competition

Design Thinking, which has a look towards collaboration of the team as a whole

Crowdsourcing campaigns in GB always start with the question: “what consumer problem are we going to solve?” or “what is the consumer’s struggle?”.



It aims to bring together professionals from different fields of activity in order to create innovative solutions to a specific problem that was previously mapped.

We use Design Thinking, placing the problem of our customers at the center and mapping their journey, with the objective of seeking the best solutions to solve the struggle of our consumers.


Design for Environment Challenge with Braskem

Design for Environment (DfE) is a methodology that aims to improve the performance of a product, process or service, while reducing the environmental impact in all stages of its life cycle.

With a focus on bringing more innovation and sustainability, we invite participants to prototype a new packaging of lipstick that is more sustainable and allows the consumer to use all of its content.

Nasa Space Apps

We supported the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, a hackathon created to debate themes and create solutions to problems on Earth and space that will affect everyone’s life.


A “perfumery hackathon”, organized by O Boticário and Aldeia Coworking.

For two days, 60 young people from all over the country came together to solve challenges in the category of perfumery proposed by the company.
Among the challenges, one of them was to build a proposal that could “end the fragrance business model of O Boticário” and that would force the group to totally change the way it sells perfume.

As a result, we had 10 ideas for possible projects to be developed by GB.