Commitment to development

We believe that innovative business models have the potential to generate positive impacts and contribute to solving the world’s largest socio-environmental challenges.

The Foundation believes that when nature is preserved, not only biodiversity benefits from it, as nature plays a strategic role towards the country’s development. When inserted as part of the solution, nature contributes to successful solutions for social and economic problems, benefiting everyone.

For this reason, the Foundation has sought to influence investors, intermediaries and potential actors in impact investment ecosystems to include nature conservation actions in its strategies, in addition to supporting and encouraging the emergence and maturation of conservation impact businesses.


The value proposition in these businesses should consider biodiversity conservation to maintain and/or increase the provision of long-term ecosystem services, presenting a clear purpose in biodiversity preservation, generating revenue through processes that have this focus, which may be:

By extracting the natural resource in a balanced way

By using natural resources where extraction is not involved, such as ecotourism

For the indirect use of natural resources, as a market for environmental services (eg, carbon and water quality regulation)

Through models that capitalize, without using natural resources, such as brand enhancement and technological innovation


The Nature Entrepreneur Program, launched in 2019, it is an initiative that seeks to strengthen and give visibility to innovative ventures that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve, which is made up of areas in the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Biodiversity, nature and conserved ecosystems can be seen as an asset for local entrepreneurs to generate revenue and turn their businesses into businesses with a positive impact on nature conservation. Learn more here.

In 2013, in partnership with the CERTI Foundation (Foundation for Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies), the Grupo Boticário Foundation created Araucária+.
It is an initiative of economic valorization of the forest with araucarias, an ecosystem that today has less than 1% of its original area.
The program promotes the socioeconomic inclusion of owners of natural areas in innovative production chains, based on the use of products grown in a sustainable way, such as pine nuts and yerba mate.

In 2020, the project took an important step forward: the company Arca Natural* was created, a spin-off of the Araucária + initiative, which has a collaborative network composed of more than 50 organizations (major players in the biodiversity market, R&D partners, government and rural communities).

*The Arca is a business that aims to regenerate the body, the mind and the forest. They are drinks created with noble fruits from the Atlantic Forest, original, healthy and with sustainable origin. They have the smell of forest, the color of the forest and the taste of the most special fruits of Brazilian biodiversity so that everyone can feel the energy of the forest. The Arca’s mission is to regenerate 10,000 hectares of the Atlantic Forest by 2030.

Check out more of this initiative here. See more