Sustainability territory

This territory encourages innovation in product research with total synergy to Grupo Boticário‘s 2030 vision of sustainability.

Throughout the product’s life cycle – from raw material to disposal – we focus on reducing the impact on the environment and generating a positive impact on the population, both for its function or benefit, and for the value and income generation chain it has the potential to provide.


Release of Eume brand shampoos that have a formula with less impact on water, representing a new approach to the market, empowering its concern with people and the planet.


Through a differentiated tool, I.A.R.A.™, we are able to quantify the impact of raw materials harmful to the aquatic environment.
In this way, it is possible to measure the impact of rinse products, that is, shampoos, conditioners, body oils, soaps, among others.
Based on this index, GB is able to suggest changes in formulations to ensure the best quality of our products and improve the health of our rivers and oceans.


The Data Driven Territory has the synergy of different links in the chain, from the product in R&D to technology in IT.

Through the combination of artificial intelligence and big data, we are able to capture and analyze information from a large database, fostering increasingly personalized and differentiated innovations for our consumers.


After more than two years of development, Grupo Boticário launched the world’s first perfumes made with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in partnership with IBM and one of the leading fragrance suppliers in the chain, the German Symrise.

By connecting with global partners, we achieve the perfect combination of machine cognition, the perfumer’s alchemy and GB’s R&D perfumery experts.

The precision and data processing capacity of artificial intelligence, added to the sensitivity of the human being to give the final touch, led to the creation of a fragrance that really delights the consumer.