As a result of this innovative DNA, Grupo Boticário receives several acknowledgements for innovation. Meet some of the most recent.


It is one of the most relevant innovation awards in the country. It consistently and systematically assesses the innovation practices of Brazilian companies that operate in different economic activities.

Grupo Boticário was among the five most innovative companies in Brazil, in the Consumer Goods sector (cosmetics, personal hygiene and household cleaning), in the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

ABRE AWARD (2018 AND 2020)

We have brought a lot of innovations in the makeup category in the last few years. Focusing on usability, we can mention the GOLD trophy that we won in the ABRE 2018 Award with the Roller B of the Make B line, as an example.

With a differentiated design, the packaging offers better ergonomics during handling, making it easier to draw an eyeliner even for consumers who do not have practice with this type of product.

In addition, we won the BRONZE trophy with the repacking of the QDB line in 2020. We added to the lipstick, the main item in the makeup portfolio, a display at the bottom of the packaging.

Lip View, as this component is called, allows you to see the color of the lipstick without opening the lid.
This differentiating feature required technological adaptations in our equipment for filling and producing the item, since the filling of this display is done with the lipstick bulk itself, which is inserted by the top of the packaging, ensuring product color fidelity.


We are also proud to say that we were among the finalists in the National Innovation Award of the National Industry Confederation (CNI) in the Innovation in Marketing and Product Innovation categories in 2019.
The award aims to encourage and recognize the successful efforts of innovation and innovation management in organizations operating in Brazil.

24th COLAMIQC (2019)

In 2019 we were the only industry in the cosmetic segment awarded at the 24th COLAMIQC, the largest cosmetology congress in Latin America.
This award refers to the result of a study on skin tones and undertones of the Brazilian population, focusing on the makeup category.


In the perfumery category, the release of Malbec Signature received in 2019 the most prestigious and complete design award in the world, the IF Design Award.

The exclusive and sophisticated packaging tells the story of the brand in the vineyards of Mendoza, an inspiration city for the creation of the fragrance.

A monogram engraved in relief on the glass unites Malbec’s past and future. It is the signature of the special edition of the brand.


In 2019, Grupo Boticário received nine packaging awards at the grand prize of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE).
Received the maximum recognition (GOLD award) in Structural Design, Sustainability, Perfume Packaging and Product Technology.

General perfume packaging and product technology: the bottles of Egeo on You and Egeo on Me received gold for their innovative multicolour painting.

Sustainability: Malbec Club Intenso won gold. It has a bottle produced with 10% shards that were previously refuse from glass production, and 35% post-consumer recycled glass (PCR).

Structural Design: the fourth gold is from Colônia Infantil Dr. Botica. The child character Dr. Botica is characterized by the “Erlenmeyer” shape of the bottle; as well as on the lids, which characterize the Heart Potion by the shape of a heart; Courage by the shape of a shield; and Friendship in the shape of a star.


We were also acknowledged in the Packaging and Brand Award in 2019, with the Eau de Parfums by Botica 214, whose bottle refers to a cut diamond and with the Malbec Magnetic, which had its flask decorated with metallization, providing an illuminated and mirrored effect.

Speaking of pioneering processes, Grupo Boticário won two international awards that are benchmarks in sustainability – the Sustainable Beauty Awards in 2019, where it was recognized among more than 100 companies; and the 14th DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards in 2020, in which we were the most innovative among the Americas.

In addition, GB has won three national awards. All of this, due to the availability of the recycling method for perfumery caps made with SURLYN ™.
In an intense two-year development process, GB designed a process for producing fragrance packaging in SURLYN ™ resin from waste generated by two of its factories and material collected in the Group’s recycling program.
Today, the used packaging is collected, passed through a processor where it is washed, crushed and extruded, then transformed into pellets that will serve to produce new lids.
The pioneering solution developed by the Grupo Boticário allows the company to make the most of its own waste, which previously did not return to the manufacturing process.
This solution allows the company to reuse approximately 3 tons of Surlyn® and cut 10% of the carbon footprint in its production process.


Grupo Boticário was invited to present its studies at the Congress of the IFSCC: International Federation of Societies and Cosmetic Chemicals in 2020.
In the study, the Makeup Research team, in partnership with the Data Science department, presented a project that sought to understand consumers’ preferences and predict their future needs, using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.