A clear purpose

The Grupo Boticário is committed to offering safe products. We are proud that for more than 20 years we have not carried out tests on animals and implemented technologies that guarantee us all the safety and efficacy support before releasing products.

All ingredients undergo a complete review, carried out by a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists and microbiologists.

Each department gives a technical opinion on each ingredient before it is introduced in Grupo Boticário.

Within this process, if any relevant information – through scientific investigation – can show a restriction, the company will interrupt its introduction and it will be banned.


We started our safety assessment within the stage known as preclinical.
This is where toxicologists analyze the chemical structure of ingredients with the aid of computational tools (in silico) to predict possible health risks.

If necessary, in vitro studies are carried out after this stage to confirm the safety and/or determine the safe concentration of the ingredients by type of product and target audience.


Confirmation of product safety is carried out at the clinic stage.
We have the most advanced international protocols carried out in partnership with clinical research institutes and always accompanied by dermatologists, pediatricians

and/or ophthalmologists in order to guarantee the safety of our final public.
Grupo Boticário exports its products to several countries and, for this reason, we are always in line with international governmental and scientific bodies that issue opinions on the

safety of ingredients and whether they are in compliance with these regulations.
So you can be sure: all of our products from all brands have undergone a rigorous and thorough safety assessment and can be used with the utmost confidence.


Our after-sale product follow-up is done through a monitoring system that we call Cosmetovigilance.
What is that? With Cosmetovigilance, it is possible to determine the acceptable profile

of product complaints after their introduction in the market.
This collection of information and analysis of product data on the market is related to complaints about:

• Safety (adverse events)
• Efficacy
• Packages

This capture of after-sale data helps us to feed back into the development chain that assesses whether the quantity (number of complaints) and quality (profile and severity of complaints) are within the expected for that particular product.

This number and profile vary greatly from product to product and for the same category can be influenced by several factors, such as target audience, sales volume, form of use, etc.
Based on this information, we can further improve the performance of our products and improve the next releases.